Is It Time To Call Your Attorney?
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Is It Time To Call Your Attorney?

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Is It Time To Call Your Attorney?

What to Do If Family Violence Erupts Following a Separation

Katherine Gilbert

When a relationship between two parents starts to go awry, troubled times may be ahead. They may be disagreeing on financial matters or behavioural issues, but any way that you look at it, their impending separation will be a challenge for the child or children left behind. This situation can become exponentially worse, however, if one of the individuals has a short temper and a tendency to turn to alcohol for relief. Down the road, this could result in violence, and this can have long-term ramifications for the children. What can you do about this?

Levels of Violence

Violence can be defined in many different ways, and it doesn't have to involve the commission of a physical act. Sometimes, the level of threatening behaviour can be enough to cause fear in a person, especially if the individual who is the aggressor is seeking ultimate control.

Direct Damage

Children can, of course, be very impressionable, and nobody really knows how they will react, both in the short term and long term, should they witness a violent act. They may not be directly involved in it, but it can be especially traumatic when the two most important people in their world – i.e., their parents – are involved.

In the beginning, they may be afraid for themselves, but may soon start to take sides and could sympathise with the victim of the aggression. Sometimes, they may feel that they should intervene, and this may open themselves up to injury. All told, the progression of events can lead to many different outcomes including depression, withdrawal, aggression or difficulties with self-esteem.

The Long View

In the long term, things could be even worse. The child could start to display antisocial behaviour in school and run into learning difficulties. If they're exposed to domestic violence for a long time, they could develop their own social issues psychologically. Furthermore, if one parent is predisposed to drug or alcohol abuse, the child can often follow in their footsteps.


As one of the affected parents, you may be shocked by what is happening and cannot believe the level of violence displayed by your former partner. If it is possible to take direct action, do so to protect the child, but don't put yourself in harm's way by doing so.

Taking Action

The situation may be even more difficult to control if you have separated and don't live under the same roof anymore. In this case, you may need to bring this matter to the attention of the police and especially if you are very worried about its development. However, you should talk with a lawyer to make sure that you introduce appropriate parenting orders very soon.