Is It Time To Call Your Attorney?
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Is It Time To Call Your Attorney?

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Is It Time To Call Your Attorney?

Are You Set to Lose All Your Assets Following Separation?

Katherine Gilbert

Those who may be more romantically inclined may believe that when two people fall in love, they should simply go with the flow. They shouldn't think too much about it from a practical perspective, and if they truly want to explore their lives together, then they should cohabit, no matter what happens. This is all very well in the world of Jane Austen, but it can cause big problems if things do start to unravel. What can you do if you find yourself in this situation right now and your assets are on the line?

No Such Thing As Informal?

Life has the unerring tendency to get more complex as it progresses and when two people begin to live together, their affairs can become hopelessly intermingled. It doesn't matter if this type of relationship was intended to be informal, as in the eyes of the law it is often treated just the same as if it were a marriage. Lawyers call this "de facto," but whatever terminology you use, it can present you with considerable difficulties if the relationship ends in acrimony.

How Things Go Wrong

It's very rare for a major disagreement to pop up overnight, but bad feelings can grow until something breaks. In this case, one of the individuals may feel that they are worse off following the separation and will look for compensation from the other so that they can move forward. Often, they will fail to reach any kind of agreement and will need to seek legal counsel for the next step.

Close Scrutiny

When this type of situation comes in front of a court, they will ask some very specific questions to determine the exact nature of the relationship. They will want to know if there was a sexual connotation, how long individuals lived under the same roof and whether one of them was strongly dependent on the other for financial means. They may see that one person often paid the bills of the other or gave them some kind of allowance. If this was the case, then the court will likely extend this arrangement into the future.

Much to Lose

It's very important for both people to have their eyes wide open when they enter into a relationship and from a financial perspective, this is especially true for the "breadwinner." The court may decide that a claimant has the right to property or assets that were in existence before they even met, which can be particularly galling for the other party.

Being Creative

However, all is not lost for this individual if they present a strong case to defend their position. This can be difficult to build, but you may nevertheless be able to get pointers from previous case studies. Consequently, this is another good reason to engage the services of a family lawyer, for some much-needed help.

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